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3 Years Experince

html & css

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UI design

User interface design involves creating interfaces for electronic devices, such as computers and mobile devices, with the aim of optimizing usability and user experience.

UX design

the process of designing products or services that are easy to use, efficient, and enjoyable for the user.

web design

the process of creating, planning, and organizing the visual and functional aspects of a website.


open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components.


JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to build fast, scalable, and high-performance applications on the server-side.


open-source web application framework maintained by Google that allows developers to build dynamic, responsive, and scalable web applications.

Postgres SQL

powerful open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that emphasizes on extensibility and SQL compliance.


open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that is widely used for building web-based applications.


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Suncor Energy - Cashier

Manage transactions with customers using cash registers.
Scan goods and ensure pricing is accurate.
Collect payments whether in cash or credit.
Issue receipts, refunds, change or tickets.
Redeem stamps and coupons.
Cross-sell products and introduce new ones.

GeoAlgo Technologies - senior software developer, tech lead

Worked in Atlassian Products like Jira Data Center as a Jira System Technical Lead.
Contributed to the in-house UI library to create reusable components that saved over 200 hours of development time per month.
Created a web app MVP for a loan delivery management platform with 100+ business customers to create, manage, and monitor deliveries using React, Redux and Redux Saga.
Added new features to a meditation app with 5,000+ monthly active users to enable the uploading authenticated information using React and Redux. Developed and maintained 20+ front-ends focused on user experience. Wrote front-end code, back-end code, integrated 4+ with frameworks and APIs, and utilized multiple CLI tools and configuration GUI.

Zapbuild Technologies - senior technology associate II

Created and updated 4 websites with a focus on creating an exceptional user experience.
Utilized and implemented 7+ attractive, responsive, and mobile-friendly website contexts and elements.
Created informative and effective documentation, reports, and inline comments on 100% of code/work accomplished.
Worked with 30+ key stakeholders to design complex solutions, and led from inception to production.

Prima Felicitas Pvt Ltd - junior software developer

Working as a Full Stack Developer in ReactJS, Angular, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ExpressJS, NodeJS and NextJS .
Investigation, design, and implement scalable applications for data identification, analysis, retrieval, and indexing.
Software design and development while remaining concentrated on client needs. Cooperate diligently with other IT team members to plan, design, and develop smart solutions.
Interface with business analysts, developers, and technical support to determine optimal specifications.

Xpress Web Solutionz Pvt Ltd - junior web developer

Worked as a Front End Developer in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Cooperate with designers to create clean interfaces and simple, intuitive interactions and experiences.
Develop project concepts and maintain optimal workflow.
Work with senior developers to manage large, complex design projects for corporate clients.
Complete detailed programming and development tasks for front end public and internal websites as well as challenging back-end server code.
Carry out quality assurance tests to discover errors and optimize usability.